930 Turbo Brake Upgrade

911 - SC - Carrera - 914 - 914/6 Narrow body cars

will fit 15" and 16" stock Fuch wheels.

Updated : June 14, 2017

The Complete 930 Upgrade pictured above consists of:

Complete used set of original 930 calipers - rears machined to fit and fins shortened for wheel clearance (if necessary).

UPDATE: Used 930 calipers are becoming non-exsitent. Therefore we are offering this kit with NEW calipers (still available from Porsche).

VCI front rotor set in either floating or non-floating

Rear 930 rotors - Zimmerman or Sebro brand

Master cylinder 23mm

All steel brake lines, bolts, washers.

See this page for individual details on the brake parts and mods.

Pricing with NEW O.E. Calipers (non floating front rotors):

pre-77 911, 914, 914/6...........$7700.00 ($3300.00 you supply the calipers)

77-88 911, SC, Carrera.........$7700.00 ( $3300.00 you supply the calipers)

note: does not include brake pads


Floating front rotors...................add $200.00 pr

Cross-drill front rotors...............add $200.00 pr

KFP carbon race pads.............add $450.00 (4)

ATE Blue racing brake fluid......add $24.00 litre

Kevin Moak of Arlington Virginia at VIR using the VCI 930 Brake upgrade

Why the 930 Upgrade? Why not the "Boxster" or 964 calipers?

Most of you are here, and considering upgrading, because of a heat problem. You're loosing the pedal half way through a track session, eating up pads and rotors at an alarming rate, generally not feeling confident in the braking performance.

The main part of a braking system that has to deal with the heat absorption and dissipation is the brake rotor - not the calipers. So their size and mass is the main factor in choosing and upgrade. Simply put the 930 upgrade offers the largest rotor size available that will fit inside stock wheels and narrow body of most 911's and 914's. The Boxster and 964 upgrades that are being sold are based on a stock size 911 carrera rotor (24 x 289mm). While the calipers are noticeably larger, and provide more stopping power than the original small steel calipers, they actually make the main problem worse! Putting more heat energy into the same small rotor dose not solve problems, it makes them worse.

This is where the 930 Upgrade really does the job. The rotor size is 12.0" x 1.25" front (300 x 32mm) and 12.18" x 1.10 rear (310 x 28mm). This is about double the heat-sink capabilities of the original rotors! Of course along with those rotors come the 4-piston 930 calipers also about doubling your stopping power. To put it in perspective, this rotor size/mass is about 85% of what a Big Red rotor upgrade is :)

OK, you've convinced me! Why can't I go by the complete used brakes off a 930 and bolt them to my 911?

Two problems. One, the front rotors available for the 81-up 930's are based on a "offset" hub design. If you were to bolt this rotor to your 911 hub, it would be off in alignment to the caliper by 22mm. So we came up with our own rotor that solves the problem. A 2-piece design that can be floating or non-floating (see the black plate w/rotor to the left?)

OK, why not just use the 930 hub then?

Because the hub is offset by 22mm to the outside, which would push your wheel out by 22mm (almost 1 inch) and, hence, fender clearance prevents that. Of couse if you've built a car with flared fenders you could do this, but the majority of you have stock fenders.....

And the second problem?

While the front calipers will bolt directly to a big-brake (3.5" mounting) front strut, and then work with our rotor set, the 911/914 rear trailing arm does not. The 930 rear caliper has the same 3.5" rear mounting as the front, but these trailing arms are made for 3.0" mounting. Some clever machining has to be done to the caliper to make it bolt directly up to the trailing arms. We then use a stock german 930 rear rotor, which fits the hub fine and the e-brake is retained (914 looses e-brake, however).

Here's a picture of the installation on a 914/6 rear arm:

Actually there's a third problem.

Master cylinder size. the stock 19mm cylinders, if retained, will give you avery soft pedal with alot of pedal travel. To fix this we provide 23mm master cylinders in our kits. On pre-77 non-boosted 911's and all 914's, the master cylinder is the "Mercedes" kit (pictured here) we came up with over 20 years ago. For the later 911's it's the stock 930 23mm unit.

When this kit is installed the brakes are incredible. Stopping power is fabulous, but the best parts are no loss of brakes or pedal feel, the pads and rotors last much longer and back to back driver are no longer a problem.

How long can I expect the rotors to last?

Typically, most are getting 2-3 track seasons out of the fronts, and longer out of the rears. If you are "brake-zilla" :) you might only get 1 season and I've have others get 5 seasons. A recent customer - with a racecar and this conversion - got over 3100 track miles on the front set. The rears are still going.

NOTES: Cars with pre-84 Alloy wheels will require 1 small 1/4" wheel spacer per wheel. Some cars need to roll the fender lips or run extra camber to "shoe-horn" everything in :)......... 84-89 Carrera wheels fit with no spacers.



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