911 Brake Upgrades and Mod's using the 964/944T calipers

VCI's complete brake kit based on the 964 front and rear calipers. This kit and mods came about based on YOUR requests to make it happen. These calipers are readily available used at very reasonable prices. We take the hassle out of getting them onto your 911 or 914.

Front is a 28mm x 299mm rotors off the 86' 944 Turbo. The Caliper off the 964/944T has 36/42mm differential bore pistons. The calipers are modified by machining to make it "radial" mount, then an adapter is fabricated to make it work properley with the 86' 944 Turbo rotor pictured. There is also a small wheel bearing spacer that is included to space the whole hub/rotor assembly out to clear the lower control-arm.

Rear is a 24mm x 289mm (911) or 299mm (914) rotor. Please be aware that we have modified these as extensively as possible, but there is still some pad "overhang" that needs to be dealt with by the user. Easiest solution is to modify the pad.

VCI-9675 964 Kit - $ 2950.00 (as pictured - customer suppies the calipers)

Modify Front pair of calipers w/adapters - $675.00

Modify Rear pair of calipers w/adapters - $675.00

Wheel bearing spacers - $100.00 pair

Rotor Package F/R - $850.00

Mercedes master cylinder - early non-boosted cars - $380.00

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The modification to the rear calipers and the adpaters
Detail showing the front caliper / adapter modification
The front caliper and 28x299mm rotor

An affordable option to increasing your 911's stopping power and heat-sink capabilities!