Updated: January 29, 2014

944 TURBO 'S' Brake Upgrades

Front Options

Complete Front Upgrade Kits

993 Twin Turbo "Red" caliper upgrade kit VCI-9401

VCI-9401 993 Twin Turbo "Red" upgrade kit featuring VCI rotors w/2024 Aluminum hats, 993TT"Red" Brembo calipers, hardware (caliper adapters not required). $2820
VCI-9501 As above W/floating rotors explain please! $3020
VCI-CD add for drilled rotors $150


Front Rotor/Hat Kits

  2 rotors, 2 aluminum 2024 hats, hardware, assembled ready to bolt on
VCI-6610 12.0"x1.25" non floating gas slotted (will replace stock Turbo "S" rotor - 4 lbs lighter than stock) $1300 pr 
VCI-6630   Same - floating $1500 pr 
VCI-6510   12.75"x1.25" non- floating gas slotted $1380 pr 
VCI-6530   Same - floating $1580 pr
VCI-CD   Cross drilling. (not recommended for heavy cars) $150 pr.
For an explaination of the different rotor types click here

Front Caliper Options;

993355425/426 10 New 993 Twin Turbo "Red" Calipers (for 12 3/4" rotor kits) $1900 pr.


Front Notes:

Rear Options

Rotor Options

951 352 041 02 Stock rear German Zimmerman brand. $550 pr
951 352 041 91 Cross-drilled 968 sport rotors (87-88 only) $700 pr

Caliper Options:

New C-2 Turbo rear calipers in RED or BLACK Machined (narrowed)to fit stock rear rotors $2500 pr

Rear Notes

It is not necessary to upgrade the rear brake system to balance the front out. Balance can be adjusted with the installation of a brake bias valve (see below) 


Master Cylinder

No Upgrade Required



Brake bias valve - TILTON 7-position click

reduces brake pressure maximum of 60%


Brake bias valve - rotary knob style.

14 turns lock to lock




Individual replacement rotors (w/o hats):

VCI-2000 Floating

VCI-3000 Non-Floating

Priced each

VCI-2000/2001 12.00"x1.25" front floating $349
VCI-2030/2031 12.75"x1.25" front floating $375
VCI-3000/3001 12.00"x1.25" front non-floating $299
VCI-3030/3031 12.75"x1.25" front non-floating $325
VCI-4000/4001 12.187"x1.10" Rear race $299
VCI-CD Cross drilling $75 ea

For an explaination of floating vs non-floating rotor types click here


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