Updated: June 14, 2017

Carrera 2/4 Brake Upgrades
(including RS America)

Front Options

Complete Front Upgrade Kits

993 Twin Turbo "Red" caliper upgrade kit VCI-9430

VCI-9420 993Twin Turbo "Red" upgrade kit featuring 12.75"x1.25" (324x32mm) STOCK C2 Turbo rotors cross-drilled, 993TT"Red" Brembo calipers,caliper adapters,hardware.........most cost effective solution $3190.00
VCI-9430 993Twin Turbo "Red" upgrade kit featuring 12.75"x1.25" (324x32mm) VCI rotors w/2024 Aluminum hats saving weight and increasing durability, 993TT"Red" Brembo calipers,caliper adapters,hardware.......The BEST performance $3750.00
VCI-9431 As above W/floating VCI rotors explain please! ......even BETTER performance $3450.00
VCI-CD add for drilled VCI rotors......use if the car has been lightened below 2500lbs $200.00


Front Rotor/Hat Kits

These rotors provide the highest performance and lightest weight available for track use Carrera's

  2 rotors, 2 aluminum 2024 hats, hardware, assembled ready to bolt on
VCI-6510 12.75"x1.25" (324 x 32 mm) non- floating gas slotted. Must use 993TT RED calipers. See kit VCI-9430 and VCI-9431 $1580 pr 
VCI-6530   Same - floating......explain please! $1780 pr
VCI-CD   Cross drilling. (not recommended for cars over 2500 lbs) $200 pr.

For an explaination of the different rotor types click here



  Front Caliper Options


Caliper Adapter

For mounting 993 TT RED calipers on C2/C4 spindles

$350.00 pr

New 993Twin Turbo "Red" Calipers

For 12 3/4" rotor kit. also Requires VCI-6700 adapter - or see kit VCI-9430

$2400.00 pair

Front Notes:

16" modular or 17" required for Red Caliper upgrade (factory wheel works fine).

Rear Options

Rotor Options

951 352 041 02 Stock rear German Zimmerman brand. (299x24mm) $600 pr
951 352 041 91

Cross-drilled 968 sport rotors (87-88 only) (299x24). These are phisically the same fitment as stock.

$700 pr
VCI-4550 special 11.75"x 1.1" thick rotor (299x28mm) with aluminum race hat (no handbrake) $1850 pr

Rear Caliper Options:

965 352 421 /422 12
New C-2 Turbo (not TT) rear calipers in RED or BLACK $1900 pr (approx)
We can narrow a set of these calipers to fit the stock width rotors - this is what the factory did on the Carrera RS and the Carrera Cup cars. These calipers on the C2 Turbo are made to fit a 28mm wide rotor vs 24mm on the stock C2/4 .This way you retain the original rotor/handbrake system and still get the RED rear calipers with the larger pistons. It Requires some parts from your original rear calipers to make it work, so you will have to send those to us when we make the modification. PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL the above calipers without this modification - the outer piston can fall out of the caliper when the pad is worn down to nothing. There is no factory rotor to make this work. The C2 Turbo rear rotor is the wrong offset $600.00 pr


Rear Notes

Master Cylinder:

No Upgrade Required



Brake bias valve - TILTON 7-position click

reduces brake pressure maximum of 60%




Individual replacement VCI rotors (w/o hats):

VCI-2000 Floating

VCI-3000 Non-Floating

Priced each

VCI-2000/2001 12.00"x1.25" front floating $349
VCI-2030/2031 12.75"x1.25" front floating $375
VCI-3000/3001 12.00"x1.25" front non-floating $299
VCI-3030/3031 12.75"x1.25" front non-floating $325
VCI-4000/4001 12.187"x1.10" Rear race $299
VCI-CD Cross drilling $100 ea

For an explaination of floating vs non-floating rotor types click here


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