VCI's Powder Coating Service.

We started this after many customer requests for caliper color changes. Along with our rebuilding service you can have a complete caliper custom matched to your car. Click to see a start to finish rebuild and color change. The original caliper is competely dissasembled and media blasted down to the bare alumimun, inspected for defects, Coated, baked and reassembled. We also can coat just about any part up to 48" long in our oven so 911 engine sheet metal, fans, crossmembers, trailing arms, intakes etc. Even wheels. We can do the full range of HotCoat or RAL colors (check google for "RAL color chart").

Call 973-366-6577 or email for quotes but typical pricing is $250-$300 per caliper for the Power Coating and rebuilding. All Pistons, scraper seals, pressure seals replaced so the caliper is virtually like new. See sample pic's below. Powder Coating only $150.00 per caliper














944 Turbo Front Caliper. Color: Super Mirror Red
930 Turbo Caliper. Color: RAL 1018 (GT-2 YELLOW)
911 Alloy Wheels. Color: Matt Black (IROC Style)


911/930 Lower Valve cover. Color: Cast Aluminum
Honda Minibike wheel half. Color: Chrome Silver


































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