Customer Cars


Keith Peare - 914/6
996 GT-3 Cup car
Keith Stockton - 944 Turbo
944 Turbo - Full Cage
Roy "Cheatin" Chong - 944 Turbo
Pete Tremper - 914/6
Kyle Dolbow - 914/6
Eugene Hahn - 944 Turbo
Dick Fell - 911
911 RSR Look-alike
Jim Foster - 914/6

We are a small, very specialized shop. We bring professional racecar knowledge to the Porsche club racer and track junkie. We can design and engineer a complete suspension from scratch as well as roll cage and chassis stiffening. Our fabrication services are top notch and our understanding of the dynamics of racecar handling give you the advantage to win. The pictures above are a testament to our work.

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Doug Arnao

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